Teacher, Mississauga – Shantell

Teacher, Mississauga – Shantell

Shantell Jovin has a Master’s degree in Naturopathic medicine and has additionally entered the ESL teaching career having attained an ESL TESOL certificate.

As an ESL teacher, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help students master a new language. It is a joy to work with such motivated students here at Heartland.  Our students have the opportunity to use their new language skills for six hours each week day and the rate of language acquisition is amazing to see. One of the pleasures of my job as an ESL teacher at Heartland is getting the opportunity to meet many fascinating people of various nationalities as well as getting to experience various cultures.

My Teaching Philosophy :

As one Chinese proverb says:  “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”.

Teaching is an honorable yet challenging task. As a teacher  I get to provide direction to students and equip them with tools and skills but each student shares the responsibility of studying and applying what they have been taught. I believe that with an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher,  learners will take on that responsibility and gain knowledge.

Clay Patrick Bedford once said: “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach [them] to learn by creating curiosity, [they] will continue the learning process as long as [they] live”.

If my students are encouraged to continue learning English, to expand their horizons and to strive for greater achievements then I believe I have done my job well.