Teacher, Winnipeg – Cale

Teacher, Winnipeg – Cale


I believe that language is more than just communicating with arranged words. It’s also a reflection of culture and personal characteristics. There’s so much to learning one simple word and I believe that to learn a language, students need to know all this information.I strive to utilize fresh, wide-ranging, and relevant materials to keep the classroom interesting and exciting. My focus is always on the students and how they want to learn so there’s always time for some laughs, controversial discussions, constructive feedback, and intriguing questions in my classroom.


My favourite things to do are riding bikes, working on my bike, reading novels, playing basketball, drinking local beers, listening to music, cooking, practicing yoga, collecting Perry Mason murder mystery novels, collecting records, going to the beach, swimming, shopping at thrift stores, playing with my cats Goa and Max, drinking coffee and tea, and eating at restaurants.

Travelling is another hobby of mine. I’ve been to the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. My favourite travel memory is when I spent seven days travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway network from Moscow to Vladivostok. My favourite country to visit is Belarus.

I spend most of my days relaxing with my girlfriend, friends, and family. If you ever want to grab a beer or some dinner with me, just ask!


I don’t really have any specific teaching moments that I can recall. I feel like every day I meet fascinating people from different countries. I am incredibly lucky to have a job where I can turn these relationships into long-lasting friendships through sharing languages and culture. I love watching students improve and enjoy taking part in that experience. The best feeling is when I hear students using language from class naturally.