Attendance for Online Classes

I’m unwell and not able to attend my online class. Do I need a note from my health care practitioner?

Contact Heartland by phone or email before 9am to report your absence:

Winnipeg Campus – (204) 989-8448,

Mississauga Campus – (905) 542-4977,

We are not requiring a note from a health care practitioner at this time, unless students are cancelling their program and/or requesting a refund.

What happens if I miss online classes due to illness?

  • Students: As with any illness, students should report their absence to Heartland. If a student notifies the school of the absence in advance, we will consider permitting homework extensions and/or rescheduling of tests on a case-by-case basis.  If a student needs to take an extended period of time off (5 days or longer), he/she might need to extend his/her program to meet the completion requirements.
  • Staff: Please report your absence promptly to the Director or President to ensure appropriate coverage can be arranged for your class.