Agent Resources

Agent Resources

Heartland International English School welcomes new agents. Since our operations began in 1999, we have welcomed international representation by reputable agents around the world. We recognize that many international students are best served through knowledgeable agents, and we encourage agent recruitment and representation.


Agent Support:

Heartland’s administrative staff are quick to respond to student and agent inquiries.  We are proud to provide fast and helpful support to agents and strive to respond to requests and process applications within 2 – 3 business days.  Furthermore, Heartland promotion materials can be downloaded for quick and easy reference by clicking the links below.  If you have questions or require additional support, please contact Heartland Marketing Director Jenni Danino at moc.1553605123hsilg1553605123nedna1553605123ltrae1553605123h@inn1553605123ej1553605123

Heartland Resources:

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Heartland offers commission on tuition fees for all students that the agent sends to Heartland.



To represent Heartland, we require that agents sign an agent agreement. Both the agent and the Director of Heartland must sign this contract. The purpose of the contract is to give both parties a complete understanding of our working relationship.


Application Procedure:

Once the agent has a student interested in attending Heartland International English School, the agent should have the student complete an application form for the school and return it to Heartland (either by mail or e-mail). Once the student’s application has been processed, an acceptance letter and invoice stating the student fees will be sent to the agent. Student applications will be processed within 2 – 3 business days.


Submitting Payments to Heartland:

Agents may make payment to Heartland by cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard, bank transfer, or on-line with Global Pay. Please contact us for bank details if you want to send a wire payment.